Hiding Your Identity

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Hiding your identity while using the internet means that you’re not leaving behind traces of who you are. You’re able to enjoy the web like you normally would, but you’re also able to take precautions to ensure that your identity won’t be so easily compromised.


Anonymous - hiding your identity

Anonymity is when nobody knows who you are but potentially they know what you are doing. … If you connect to the internet via a virtual private network (VPN), potentially you are anonymous, but say you post a message to that website, you are no longer private.
Hide Your Identity Online Using The Fastest Safest Browser Available
Identity theft occurs when someone uses another person’s personal identifying information, like their name, identifying number, or credit card number, without their permission, to commit fraud or other crimes. The term identity theft was coined in 1964.[1] Since that time, the definition of identity theft has been statutorily defined throughout both the U.K. and the United States as the theft of personally identifiable information. Identity theft deliberately uses someone else’s identity as a method to gain financial advantages or obtain credit and other benefits,[2][3] and perhaps to cause other person’s disadvantages or loss. The person whose identity has been stolen may suffer adverse consequences,[4] especially if they are falsely held responsible for the perpetrator’s actions. Personally identifiable information generally includes a person’s name, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, bank account or credit card numbers, PINs, electronic signatures, fingerprints, passwords, or any other information that can be used to access a person’s financial resources.
How Does a VPN Work? – Understanding VPN Connections
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Hiding Your Identity

  • Proxy Server
  • Configure a local proxy
  • Using Public Proxy

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